Monday, June 22, 2009

tarot cards

who the hell thought i would find a forum full of collectors? i didn't even realize people collected these things. WHY i didn't realize that, i have no idea....i assume because almost every friend i have has like five to eight decks. my ex has all of MY old five to eight decks, instead of the really cool oracley deck i got from tattooing. i need to remember to get them back from her.

so i decided to make a deck. why not? i've been insuccessful drawing for so long as i think i posted already about stagnation........i neeeeeed a project. and, i need one i can self publish and make maybe a little money on....this is the thing.

i've drawn tarot cards all my life. i'm not sure it will let me post more than one photo per entry but i'll post em individually, if i have to. it's MY blog.

but, i'm also learning the rider-waite rules of tarot picture symbolism are not necessarily the rules of the tarot in general. basically, you can drawl any damn thing you want on any card, and yeah. of course the best ones are themed and thought out.....but there are all kinds of art decks that are just exactly whatever the artist wanted them to be.

i've got three or four in mind. it wont be hard to do the first one; it's all outline and photoshopping, but the second one is, of course, the agnbuny tarot.....and it is not going to make a lot of sense, but it will be amazingly grand.