Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ought to start writing more now that my blog can connect to my google.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


discovered there was such a thing as this: so come ask me anything.

things i will never enjoy:

1) infants

2) parents of infants.

3) the feeling of seaweed wrapping around my leg.

4) when people have to say something a certain way instead of just saying it already.

5) politics, polticians, or companies whose job it is to tell us the truth about the politics.

6) people who refuse to understand that some people just don't hug or touch people unless they are tattooing them, with the exception of one's girlfriend.

7) overdone meat.

8) the thought of a paper-free world.

9) lack of sequins. in a perfect world, sequins fall instead of rain sometimes.

10) medical tape.

Friday, January 22, 2010

it's amazing how weird my life starts to get when the tattoos start coming in again. tattoos bring weirdness. if i had time to blog about it all, i wouldn't be enjoying the weirdness as much as i am.

addendum: there really is a bar in town where 'everyone knows my name.' it's called....any bar in town. HAH

Monday, June 22, 2009

tarot cards

who the hell thought i would find a forum full of collectors? i didn't even realize people collected these things. WHY i didn't realize that, i have no idea....i assume because almost every friend i have has like five to eight decks. my ex has all of MY old five to eight decks, instead of the really cool oracley deck i got from tattooing. i need to remember to get them back from her.

so i decided to make a deck. why not? i've been insuccessful drawing for so long as i think i posted already about stagnation........i neeeeeed a project. and, i need one i can self publish and make maybe a little money on....this is the thing.

i've drawn tarot cards all my life. i'm not sure it will let me post more than one photo per entry but i'll post em individually, if i have to. it's MY blog.

but, i'm also learning the rider-waite rules of tarot picture symbolism are not necessarily the rules of the tarot in general. basically, you can drawl any damn thing you want on any card, and yeah. of course the best ones are themed and thought out.....but there are all kinds of art decks that are just exactly whatever the artist wanted them to be.

i've got three or four in mind. it wont be hard to do the first one; it's all outline and photoshopping, but the second one is, of course, the agnbuny tarot.....and it is not going to make a lot of sense, but it will be amazingly grand.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

a reprint from my livejournal

campaign box

Sep. 9th, 2007 | 07:23 pm

please bear in mind none of this is sanded or anything.

here's what it will look like closed. i havent made the lil strip that sits in the front and locks it down.

and when open, here is the writing surface:

the bottom part, which becomes sort of the top when it's open, when you pull off the writing surface (which will be hinged, and covered with either leather or felt; also i am making a false bottom for it so you wont see right into the drawer and first secret area):

the drawer pulled out (remember the hinges arent on yet so i moved the lid half to the side):

the panel pulled out reveals two more secret areas, eventually that will have tiny drawers:

the false bottom on the left side reveals the cash stash i routed out:

and, of course, the bottom (or lid half when closed), which will have little secret sreas of its own eventually:

Monday, April 20, 2009

living with a nurse

you cannot imagine how much i love hello nurse. aside from the fact that she utterly gets me, and the planetary-aligning sex, there's the simple fact that living with a nurse has a fuckload of advantages and things i just notice that i havent had to deal with before, which i forthwith proceed to list, since i have been all about lists in my manual books lately.

1) if i need a b-12, an i.v. run, or anything of the sort, i have my own nurse. this extends to doctor visits and the hopefully non-eventuality of me needing home care for any reason. i figure get the selfish stuff out of the way first, including

2) the massages, jesus christ.

3) i'm terrified to call her at work. i hear beeps and pages in the background and i am scared someone is going to code and die off because she paused to say 'i love you' before she hung up. i console myself they won't die because we were fighting, since we don't do that much. it would be better to die because of love than a fight, i'd think.

4) we have more rolls of bandage tape than i think the hospital does; i am trying to think of a project to do with them all. also trauma scissors, stethescopes, i.v. tubing, empty blister packs, gauze, tongue depressors, and god knows what else that rode home in her scrubs. sometimes she forgets and brings home the celphone they assign them daily. they don't mind. they're happy to have a warm body on the schedule.

5) i am well on my way to becoming a hypochondriac. i don't think anyone has ever worried so hard about my workings; i can tell when she is listening to me tick and when she worries, so then i worry. i haven't paid so much attention to myself ticking and tocking like, ever.

the picture's one i drew for my dentist in mobile, but i think its the only thing with a nurse hat i had scanned, lol. i've got thousands of these, yanno.