Saturday, April 4, 2009

i know something about love (not much)

i read a lot about love today, on twitter and some blogs and here and there, so i reckon i will follow the trend.

i know something about love. not a lot. i know it's a lot of things i have expected it to be, and i am not cool with what it actually turned out to be, sometimes. i know there's no such thing as 'true' love. love is no more true than the person feeling it, and if they are lying to themselves about it, it isn't true, is it?

i always thought the worst crime one could commit with love was witholding love. i now know that's not it at all. it's worse to try to create love when there isn't any...or to deny it when there is. to lie about love is worse than to not feel it, i think.

so is it fair to keep what was given in love, even if it was taken back with anger and hurt? like a name? or an icon? or a tattoo?

i think an icon, or a name, (or their tattoos) can sometimes be the only thing we can love about a person. in which case, i think it is fair to accept when something like that has been given so completely that it is impossible to give back. we all change each other. i don't think it is wrong to let go pf the bad and keep hold of the good. even if there is no way there can ever be good passed between two people's significant to not banish the good that has already happened. and important. and a big part of lunging towards any shred of happiness that we can attain, which is probably the only thing i can think of that we are even here for.

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