Thursday, April 2, 2009

i am a fangirl

man its been awhile since i gave a crap about who made the music i listen to. of course my friend casey is there to present me with anything new i might like, since the radio won't, and i gave up radio play maybe ten years ago as useless, anyway. now that i have the iphone i can program stations on 'lastfm' and suchlike. i found a channel named after a band i like called 'vermillion lies' but who knows if the band programmed it or some fan; either way it plays music of that genre, although i do have to say i like vermillion lies a lot more than even amanda palmer (they are more the type of music i listen to anyway), whose show i discovered them at.

which of course is not to say i don't like amanda palmer, because i do, a lot.

but, i've discovered cabaret bands. of course it is getting called 'dark cabaret' and that's probably the name that's going to stick, but i have also read 'junk cabaret' and 'cabaret of irony' and some other epithets to describe some of the bands i am stumbling over.

basically, real instruments are back onstage, and girls (and some guys, yes, but who likes boys?) are singing ironic songs about themselves and not vague universal lovers and sentiments. i about died when i saw an accordion come out of the box, for example. and i had not seen anyone play a washboard since i was a small child, except the glass washboard my ex yelled at me for trying to play.

funnily, also, that damned forties pinup style seems to be drifting to the wayside (thank god, one more girl with black and pink hair and 'that' hairstyle asking me to do a betty page tattoo on her bum and i will retire--FUCK betty page, she wasn't even that pretty), and a strange, victorian-influenced, turn-of-the-century type sideshow seems to be popping up, and i couldn't be more delighted. it almost makes it worth being the only kid in high school who knew who jules verne was.

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