Friday, April 3, 2009

in the bell jar

so, i'm wondering why this stagnation. i still feel like everything is in place for things to start happening, but as yet they have yet to have to happen.

everyone's seeking change. every artist i know is in a place of quiet, not necessarily a dry spot or even a stagnant one, although it is that for some also, but a transition that isn't forthcoming, within a sort of quiet spot.

maybe tomorrow will be different. i've got business with a wisteria plant, for example, and there will be pics. the only reason i'm not photoing it tonight is because i'm going to photo the cigarette pack art....such as it is. it progresses, but slowly; i haven't messed with it since i have been doing the covers, but those are almost more project stuff. i also have a trunk i am itching to modify and turn into a victorian steam trunk. that's going to be the shiz.

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